blind dating

I want to share a personal story of a universal dating problem of being afraid to fail. I knew that people went out on blind dates, but I wasn’t quite sure if bind dating was for me.

After my divorce, I had many friends and family members who were happily married. It almost seemed as if I knew more married people than I did single people. And I wanted to be married and have a fulfilling relationship too.

Most of my dating/relationship experiences were unfulfilling after my divorce. So, I stopped dating for a while…It seemed to be a lot longer than I expected. My friend told me to start dating again and that she had the perfect guy for me to meet. Since she could never arrange our schedules for a double date, he and I met alone… Yes…a blind date!

Here’s what I learned about dating and my fear of failing at dating…

  1. Dating is fun – It’s fun to be out with someone special, who thinks you are special too.
  2. Tell your Negative Talk to Shut Up! – Negative self-talk has no space in your dating experiences. So, what…if you gained a pound or your hair is out of place. Turn off the negative self-talk and accept yourself just as we are… Phenomenal.
  3. Be open – Be open to new possibilities…avoid being perfect and just be yourself.
  4. Relax – Relax…this is not a test… Give yourself permission to enjoy the experience.
  5. Be Ready Yes and No – Be ready to say “Yes” to letting him treat you like a queen or make you feel special. And know that it’s okay to say “No” to things that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Last thought! Always know that you are very special.

If you believe in your heart that you are special. He will respond to you and treat you accordingly…as the Beautiful Phenomenal Woman you are.  Enjoy!

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