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Here’s what other women are saying…

As a result of my coaching experience, I discovered there is no failure involved in the process.

H. A.

She is an inspiration. Her transparency and testimony helped me to know that I too can push through.

E. A.

Amazing!!! Down to earth, humble, and a beautiful spirit.

W. M.

Since coaching, I’m more secure in the fact and belief that my business services will flourish according to plans.

R. S.

Phenomenal Coach!!! In my darkest hour, Regina was there to walk me thru each moment. I am mentally stronger and better able handle life’s challenges.

D. S.

Regina coached me through the process of writing a sales proposal. I wrote the sales proposal and won a contract to increase my income by 40% each month.

B. T.

The coaching sessions were very convenient to my schedule and having someone hold me accountable for my actions were extremely important for my success.

S. F.

YES! I want to book my Strategy Session


with Regina



My favorite aspect of coaching was the accountability part of it. I felt an obligation to do what I set out to do and the coaching reassured and reinforced that obligation. Coaching identified the fact that I had committed myself to something that would benefit me for the rest of my life.

T. R.

Through coaching, I discovered that it takes a process to chance a limiting belief. My process took several sessions to get clarity, and that was because it was rooted deep inside. I recommend Regina as the coach to help you through your discovery, so you can achieve your goals, just like me.

E. N.

Coaching with Regina, helped me discover the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from having a successful business. Not only did I discover these limiting beliefs, I recognize my energy level patterns and learned how to change my limiting beliefs to empower me and keep me moving forward.

L. G.

My marriage was about to end. I needed help in determining my path. I love my husband but was unable to communicate my needs to him. We became distant and my self esteem was low. Regina recommended taking the energy leadership assessment. After coaching with Regina, I discovered the difference in my energy levels, because I found my voice. I was able to take action and share my needs with my husband. Being able to visualize what my relationship could be with my husband was encouraging. And for the first time, in a long time, our passion is back and we our experiencing a “fulfilling” relationship!

P. W.

A project was handed over to me at work, with only a week to plan for 1,000 people.  I was very overwhelmed and stressed and it was hard for me to focus, because the group of 1,000 seemed to get larger and larger. However, with the guidance and constant support from my coach Regina, I was able to successfully complete the project and I was recognized by the company’s executive officer, stating that he was extremely impressed looks forward to the next event.

T. O.

My goal was to create a different staff appreciation event than usual for team-building. Since coaching with Regina, I created a new training development structure for this ceremony that engaged each participant to keep them involved and working as a team. The new interaction and team-building exercises enhanced the training and were well received. Thanks Regina for an awesome coaching experience!

R. A.

After taking the assessment for energy leadership, I had an amazing discovery. My energy level shifted as a result of the positive action steps I took. I moved from feeling overwhelmed to achieving my goals and desired outcomes.

P. R.

My energy level shifted within me during the coaching experience. The accountability encouraged positive beliefs about myself and my work that helped me focus on achieving my goals and desired outcomes.

S. T.

To a truly gifted woman

Regina Ellison has been an absolute blessing for myself and my family. Regina, you are an inspiration beyond measure. This woman has helped me crack the code!

T. M.

Phenomenal Woman

Mrs. Ellison program is a must for single women like myself. She tells you so many interesting things. The only way you will know what I experienced is to go to her next event! It’s well worth it.

M. T.

Great advice, Great event!

I enjoyed the event- particularly because the attendees were also mature women with various life experiences. The fact that there weren’t any male participants allowed the women to receive the information and advice without distraction. Great advice, great event!!

P. L.


I really enjoyed the workshop. It was very informative. Regina did an excellent job getting down to the nitty gritty and tapping into areas that I need to work on. Her tools are for everyone…not just for the single folks..but for couples too!! I am DEFINITELY looking forward to her next event.

R. R.

Phenomenal Woman Live

First of all, the atmosphere and environment were conducive to learning. The information I received was informative and in some cases eye opening. I especially got a lot from the participants sharing some of their “Have” and “Have Not Done” goals when trying to meet Mr. Right. And although I am happily married, (I brought someone along who was single), I could identify some room for improvement in my own life, for holding on to my Mr. Right. Overall, the program was a bit lengthy, but I found the time allotted for role-playing with the participants, the food and toasts etc. well made up for that.

R. F.


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