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Books to Optimize Your Life, Goals and Objectives

Phenomenal Woman L.I.V.E. books help single, divorced and married women heal their hearts, find their voice, and live a happy life.


Each book is designed to help you take inspired actions toward self-love, self-care and releasing the vibrant irresistible woman deep inside you. Second,


Regina Rogers-Ellison shares her concepts and strategies that are result-oriented and practical.


She will challenge you to say YES to yourself, and the big dreams you have for creating your happy life.

Lovely Influential Vivacious Elegant Woman’s Journal

Lovely Influential Vivacious Elegant Woman’s Journal will inspire you to live the phenomenal life you desire because every phenomenal woman, at some point, creates and activates new possibilities in her life. Start on your path by creating your own personal mission statement to help you stand in your truth.

Most important, you will be inspired and empowered as you…

  • Take daily action steps
  • Stand in your power and truth
  • Create and write your personal mission statement
  • Develop weekly SMART goals
  • Use motivational quotes to write inspiring prayer requests
  • Activate your phenomenal life experiences.

Besides that, new possibilities will begin to unveil as you continue to journal your daily life experiences. Enjoy exploring the new possibilities in your life to create a breathtaking experience.

3 Mistakes That Stop You from Finding Love Again

It is possible to find love again! Imagine if you could find love again and start looking forward to your new life. Over a period of time, people change and their energy shifts. Because the excitement has passed and couples become comfortable. Besides that, when people experience a break-down in communication or the relationship severed from a divorce or a separation, break-downs and break-ups leave each person with feelings of loss. Therefore, they give up, making it hard to believe or even imagine being in a fulfilling relationship again.

Even if you’re single, married, separated, divorced, or currently, in a committed relationship, you can attract love and be in a fulfilling relationship. 3 Mistakes That Stop You from Finding Love Again will help you discover how to…

  • Let go of the disappointment or pain from your past
  • Stop experiencing unfulfilling relationships
  • Experience love again

If you’re ready to STOP making these three crucial mistakes and experience a fulfilling

Moments In Time – Healing Poetry For The Soul

Moments In Time is a collection of poetry, creatively combined with an extraordinary recipe to make a refreshing glass of lemonade for women re-entering the dating game after divorce. As you read each chapter you will experience a new way of looking at your experience with love, break-ups and fulfilling relationships. Because each poem shares a life challenge, it motivates and inspires the reader as they reflect on their relationship experiences. Most important, Moments In Time, illustrates an inspired look at the perseverance of a woman’s quest to have a fulfilling relationship after dating a lot of lemons. Until one day, when she discovers how to attract her Mr. Right! Moments In Time was written to encourage every woman who has loved and desires to be loved. In addition, this book was written for every woman who is sick and tired of being sick and tired…get ready for Mr. Right!

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