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Body Image

Poor body image is pervasive, but with some effort we can learn to love our form. There are days when my hair does her own thing… Yes, I have those “Bad Hair” days and I take a deep breath and hold my head high and keep it moving – hoping nobody notices. Until the day I decided to cut it off. They say, when a woman cuts her hair she is about to change her life. Well, I am predicting big life changing experiences this year. This is a picture of me standing with my mentors Lisa Nichols (R) and Susie Carter (L) at Motivating the Masses live event with my new haircut.

Women are always trying to fit in a perfect size 2. Well, I forgot about those so call “perfect sizes” because I love to food and I have… what I boldly call a “voluptuous figure” that won’t fit in a size 2. And I love my body and my curves. Some of the women in my family members use to make fun of my big boobs and hips, until I named it. I simply told them, “This is pure voluptuousness…and I can’t help it if I’m beautiful.” It shocked them… But, it’s the truth!

Our nation always starves, diets, purges, binges and exercises to the point of creating serious health problems, sometimes even causing death. And most of us are at least dissatisfied and at worst even hate some parts of our bodies. This is especially true for women, but men have body image issues, too.

How to turn the self-loathing into self-loving? Like all good and lasting things, it won’t happen overnight. It begins with small, positive steps. Here are just a few.

Self-Love Tips:

  • Find at least one thing you like about your body. Write it down. Tomorrow, find another.
  • Get rid of all the clothes that you don’t like or that make you uncomfortable.
  • Tell your body how much you appreciate its wondrous abilities.
  • Give your body a name to be proud of.
  • And then STRUT YOUR STUFF!!!!

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