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Find Your Voice

Host Phenomenal Woman L.I.V.E. CEO Regina Rogers-Ellison, a Certified Professional Transformation Coach and Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner, for your next event. Passionate about what she does at Phenomenal Woman L.I.V.E., her story and books inspire women to tell their own story, so they can find their voice. 

Live Workshops

Learn to communicate what you want in a companion or life partner with strategies and techniques from Phenomenal Woman L.I.V.E.

Speaking Engagements

Regina Rogers-Ellison shares her story and inspires other women to do the same in a uniquely engaging and healing experience.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Schedule a call with Regina and find out what Phenomenal Woman LIVE can do for you or your organization.

happy customer

“Regina, helped me discover the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I recognize my energy level patterns and learned how to change my limiting beliefs to empower me and keep me moving forward.”

Linda G.

Mom & Entrepreneur

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