couple-on-a-dateDating can be mysterious, fun, and adventurous all at the same time. Today, I’ll share my “5 Reasons Why I Love Dating More Than Waiting.” I never understood why some people say, “Oh… don’t worry the right man will come along. You just have to wait and be patient.” Well, I disagree with that statement! If you sit and wait, you’ll continue to “be alone, bored, and frustrated.

”There’s a difference between “being alone” and “wanting to be left alone.”

Looking back after my divorce, I really did not want to think about starting over again, and I definitely wasn’t ready to go out on a date. I really wanted to be left alone.

I did not want to date, or talk to another man. It was strange to me, because men were actually flirting with me. But, my response was a bit cold and unattached. I really “wanted to be left alone.” Have you ever had that experience? I called it my moment of Solitude. And after my time of solitude, I began to experience feelings of “being alone” and loneliness.

To break away from the “being alone” phase and feelings of loneliness, I started dating again. I realized that it was time to have fun again. Now, I must admit, it wasn’t easy starting over again. And I made some mistakes along the way that I will share later, because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. But, I will say, I attracted Mr. Wrong several times until I discovered how to attract my Mr. Right.

We were created to interact with people.

Dating gives us the opportunity to explore different ways to enjoy the companionship of a man. So, if you like waiting… “Wanting to be left alone” or “being alone and lonely,” then these 5 reasons may not be for you. And that’s fine. I would encourage you to continue on the path to healing your heart. But read these 5 reasons anyway, because it will help you discover ways to open your heart and start interacting again with others and when you’re ready explore different ways to enjoy the companionship of a man.

However, if you are ready to love again, I encourage you to review the five reasons why I love dating more than waiting…

5 Reasons why I love “Dating” more than Waiting:

  1. Dating opens doors for Communication. Some of the greatest fears of dating are finding the right words to say. Yes, you may fumble a little. But, so what… he may fumble too. An easy way to break this fear is first identify the limiting beliefs that you may have about it, and start with simple conversations (e.g., talk about the weather, or a song playing in the coffee shop, etc.).
  2. Dating helps you to explore your options. Dating gives you the opportunity to explore your options, by seeing what type of men “eye candy” is available out there. It’s just like going to a candy store. If you’re sitting and waiting for the right one to come to you, your Mr. Right just might pass you by. In addition, someone else will occupy his time.
  3. Dating makes you aware of whom you’re attracting into your life. The key to awareness is knowing how you show up energetically. Our past experiences can often cloud our minds with thoughts that affect the way we show up. Making observations of the type of men you attract is the key to discovering how to attract your Mr. Right.
  4. Dating is easy and a lot of FUN. Dating is easy and a lot of fun, it’s all a reflection on what your perceptions are about dating. Once you begin to let guards down that you use to protect your heart from getting hurt, you will be able to explore different ways to enjoy the companionship of a man.
  5. Dating prepares you for your “Happy Life.” When you’re dating with a blindfold over your eyes, you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster….sometimes up and sometimes down… I know, I’ve been there. However, once you identify what may be holding you back from attracting your Mr. Right, the real fun begins.
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