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Job transitions can be stressful—whether they’re due to layoff, a new job or working extra hours because other workers were laid off. If you’re facing one, consider the following…

#1 Take an honest look at yourself.

  • What are your strengths, weaknesses, skills?
  • How did those influence—positively or negatively—your transition?

#2 Step up your self-care.

  • Major changes are physically and emotionally taxing.
  • You need self-care now more than ever.

#3 Engage your curiosity. What went wrong, or right?

  • Examine your previous experience and determine what could you have done better.
  • Also identify what worked well?

#4 Focus on what you want, and less on what you don’t want. Keep your eye on the prize.

#5 Find support. Since your transition affects your family as well, it may be better to seek the outside support of friends or professionals.

#6 Work on your thoughts. Calm your fears and reinforce your sense of hope and happiness.

#7 Reassure (or avoid) those who are threatened by, or jealous of, the change.

#8 Create your own rite of passage. Ceremony and ritual help with all transitions.

#9 Let go of how things were “supposed to be” and accept “how things are.” Find appreciation for what is.

#10 Keep things in perspective. Or try on a new perspective. Don’t get stuck. Remember, the only constant is change.

The following two affirmations may also be helpful:

Today I will accept my present circumstances on the job. I will reflect on the fact that what I am learning in my life applies to what I am learning at work. I believe that I’m right where I need to be – both at home and at my job.


Today I will practice gratitude. I will get in the habit of saying thank you, even for the “problems” in my life, because these challenges are valuable lessons I can learn from. Gratitude is the key that turns problems into blessings, and the unexpected into gifts.

Last thought, transitioning is a big step. For more support:

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