lessons of love

My journey to attract my soulmate gave me opportunities to experience true love and share that wonderful expression of love with other people in my life. I was a single mom and wanted my daughter to know that I loved her when she was a little girl, so I would give her a box of chocolates and a small teddy bear, every year for Valentine’s Day. As she grew older, got married and became a mother too, I noticed she would do the same for her daughter.

Years later, I continued to work on my life and the disappointments in my past relationships and discovered how to love again. It wasn’t easy. At first, I thought I had it all together. I thought dating was a piece of cake…hey, I’ve done it before, right? It’s almost like riding a bike, was what I thought. However, I forgot the most important piece of the puzzle…I can ride a bike in any direction I want, if I know how to ride the bike properly…right? When I rode the bike and I fell off…I stood up and picked up the bike and kept on riding until I got it right.

But being in a relationship with another human being is not the same as riding a bike. The problem I had was what most women have today. I kept attracting the wrong men. I kept making the same three mistakes again and again.

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In this e-book, I reveal these three mistakes and discover love again. I discovered what I was doing that would block my chances of having a fulfilling relationship. I’m grateful for my experiences, because they’ve enabled me to share them with you. Click this link to download your copy here.

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