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Phenomenal Woman LIVE, Inc. helps organizations and individuals implement wellness programs to manage stress and bridge the communication gap between themselves and others. We educate, motivate, inspire and transform lives using the Energy Leadership Assessment tools, resources, and personal improvement coaching support to help organizations, teams, couples and individuals create harmony in every area of their life.

Regina Rogers-Ellison

Discover the Phenomenal Woman In You!

I transformed my life – from homeless to being a homeowner, from experiencing heartaches and being wounded to being healed, from broken to being financially stable, and from divorced and “suddenly single” to being married. Life is what you make it. Life experiences are lessons that are worth the journey. Simply put… when I look back on all that I’ve accomplished, as a L.I.V.E. [Lovely, Influential, Vivacious, Elegant], Phenomenal Woman… its truly breathe-taking!”

“Life had presented me with the possibilities of love, that also led to many disappointments, trials, tribulations, and adventures. When I got tired of being the victim of my own circumstances, I discovered how to create my phenomenal lifestyle, the life I was born to live.”

Regina Rogers-Ellison

Motivate, Inspire, and Transform Lives

Live Events

Explore an exciting journey of self-discovery. Discover new ways to effectively communicate in relationships with the people in your life (e.g., family, friends and at work).

Phenomenal Lifestyle Coaching

Phenomenal Lifestyle coaching is a customized approach to create the phenomenal lifestyle you desire, re-invent the phenomenal woman in you, and achieve your goals.

Inspirational Resources

Books to optimize your life. Phenomenal Woman L.I.V.E. books help single, divorced and married women heal their heart, find their voice, and live a happy life.

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happy customer

“Regina, helped me discover the limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I recognize my energy level patterns and learned how to change my limiting beliefs to empower me and keep me moving forward.”

Linda G.

Mom & Entrepreneur

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